No Habla

Since we found out our family will be moving to Italy in June…JUNE Y’ALL!! We’ve been in crunch mode. It is a mere 4 months away. FOUR MONTHS!!! Feeling an anxiety attack coming on, I popped an Effexor and got to work.

I do not speak Italian outside of what I learned in my college Art History classes & the Olive Garden menu (this IS the south). French? Oui! Spanish? Un poco. Italian? IDK my BFF Rose? After doing some research and talking with other expats, we decided to use Duolingo.


This is Thing 1 using Duolingo.  She is 8. She is already more proficient than me.

Being nerds, we also bought an Italian textbook. Big surprise, it’s called “Ciao!”. (Shocking, right?) In an additional stroke of genius, the Hubster decided we should label common words/things/rooms around the house.


This is on the front and back of all doors.  It does a good job of confusing guests and deterring Mormons.

I thought colored notecards would be helpful…apparently I should’ve thought it out better.


Laundry room or purple? Your guess is as good as mine.

Some hit a little to close to home.


Parents bedroom or janitor’s closet? As a SAHM, sometimes I feel like its the latter.

Athough we will get a tutor when we arrive, I’d like to try not to be like Karl Pilkington from An Idiot Abroad. We’ll keep labeling and Duolingo-ing until June.


Anytips for language learning? Did I butcher any of the labels? Let me know!


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