Italy Y’all!

Well, its officially official!!! We are moving to Italy. Hubby got the official word a couple months ago, but now everything is in full swing. I’m freaking out a little…



But just a little.  It’s all so exciting and kind of romantic.  Italy Y’all! If you know my family at all, the Griswald’s are likely coming to mind. Being a true child of the 80’s, I had the same visions.


In the meantime, the Mister is about to leave on a pre-expatriation 90-day business trip. I’ll be left to my own devices with Things 1, 2 & 3 in the interim. The insanity will surely begin soon. I hope you all will join me along this journey. There is sure to be lots of laughter (mostly at myself), a few tears and plenty of “Jesus take the wheel” moments…but I promise to never sing.


Welcome to Italy Y’all!!


6 thoughts on “Italy Y’all!

  1. Very excited for you all! Looking forward to reading about your new journey. Need to add pictures of everything! Especially the cutest Things 1,2&3!!!


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